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Welcome to the Mynetaur Productions web page. As this site is primarily for the downloading of tracks of bands which I have produced, I"ll keep things short and sweet, but if there is any further information you require, or you want a quote for any engineering, production or mixing projects, then please mail me at mynetaur@mac.com.

I have been a freelance engineer/producer since 2003, and in the past three years have additionally been lecturing in Music Technology and Production at Huddersfield University. My musical background was as the guitarist for UK metal act Kill II This, and I have therefore tended towards working with rock/metal acts, but with having fairly eclectic tastes musically, am always interested in producing other genres.

There is a seperate icon for downloading these tracks, or simply select the relevant band/song title to stream them. A rough guide to the styles of these tracks are as follows;

Metal; Godsized, Head On, City of God, Run the Division
Extreme Metal; For Untold Reasons, Kaizen, Chaos Blood
Rock/Alternative; Siren Lake, Everything for Some, Gone Til Winter
Indie; Utopia
Industrial; 1000 Points of Hate
Acoustic tracks; Roy Bennett, Kill 2 This

A .zip file of MP3"s of my complete showreel is available as a download. At 61:32 it conveniently fits onto a cdr, should you wish to burn it to disc.


Mark Mynett.

Mark Mynett

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[ download complete_showreel.zip ]

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